How to Make a Video Resume and Why You Should Have One

By Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN - January 27, 2020
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How to Make a Video Resume - Why You Should Have One

There is cut-throat competition in the job market. If you seek a dream job, you must have an edge over the competition. You need to do something that sets you apart and shows your uniqueness. Fortunately, you can leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager with an impeccable video resume that gives them more reasons than one to rope you in.

Why Should You Have a Video Resume?

The idea is to create a video resume format relevant to the job you are interested in and shows what makes you the perfect candidate. Use the video to give potential employers a deeper insight into what you have accomplished and what you are capable of achieving. Your video can help the recruiter or hiring manager evaluate whether you’re aligned with the company values and mission.

How to Create a Video Resume

If you’ve never created a resume video, have no fear! Below we’ll outline the steps to record a video that will help you stand out!

Decide Your Career Goals Up Front

When you want to create a flawless video resume, your objective is to express the benefits you will provide for the company. Your video is like a short resume that should give a hiring manager an undeniable reason to hire you.

Your main objective is to express your skills, career goals, and accomplishments. Begin your video resume with a clear description of your career objectives and how you wish to accomplish them.

Some key elements you want to include in your video include:

  • Character and Values
  • Goals and Aspirations
  • Unique Skills and Abilities

Write Your Video Resume Script

When it comes to hiring, recruiting managers seek a candidate with not only great education and practical experience, but also someone who can be a cultural fit and a team player. So your goal is to emphasize yourself as a prime candidate on your video resume. What better way to showcase your character and values than a video resume script?

  • Highlight some intangibles in your video CV. This includes professionalism, confidence, and presentation skills.
  • Let these qualities speak in a way that the recruiter can instantly relate them with your career goals and aspirations.

Script your video in a way relevant to the company you’re applying with so the hiring manager sees you as a better fit for the role applied. Make sure your unique personality shines through. So many organizations look for the right cultural fit and will train for any missing skills.

How Long Should My Video Resume Be?

Longer videos tend to get boring. Anything longer than 30-90 seconds is unlikely to be watched. Ensure that the video is short and succinct and sets you apart so it passes through the initial filter by recruiters. This means your script doesn’t have to be very long at all.

For a 2 minute video, you only need about 1 page, double-spaced, worth of text.

Set up Your Recording Space

You do not want to ruin your video resume with a poorly lit recording space. Even the best video resume script with jittery footage will head straight into the trash. Poor editing and bad sound will sabotage your video further.


Modern smartphones offer amazing video quality, so there’s no need to splurge for a fancy camera. You may need some other accessories to make the job a lot easier. You can get a simple ring light, phone stand, and remote on Amazon for under $20. Use this and find a room that is has good natural lighting with as much soundproofing as possible.

What to Wear

Pick a business or business casual top with a solid color. For clinical nurses, a nicer scrub top can work, but business-casual attire is preferred. Patterns can be distracting and look odd on camera. Make sure it has some contrast with the background in your video. The most important thing to wear is a sweet smile. That will add that extra oomph!


Find a blank wall or perhaps a background with a simple shelf with some decorative items. Make sure your background is not messy or disorganized. This can actually impact a recruiter’s opinion of your own organizational skills.

Set up your space and center place yourself slightly in the left or the right of the video frame. Shoot your video from mid-chest upwards and fill a good amount of the frame. Head only videos tend to be too “in your face” and full-body shots can being distracting.

Light, Camera, Action!

Last but not the least, be creative but professional and confident. You’re going to rock this video!

Record Multiple Takes

When attention spans are fast shrinking, the goal behind creating a video CV is to send the right message across. A haphazardly recorded video resume will mar your chances of going further.

Your video CV should highlight your professionalism. The quality of the video can lead hiring managers to make assumptions about your work ethic, so don’t let a lethargic attitude show up in a poorly recorded video. Go for multiple takes if required unless you have recorded a flawless video that certainly piques the interest of a hiring manager. It will help to write a beautiful script and give yourself time to perfect it before the camera.

It’s only 2-3 minutes, so record it a handful of times and pick your favorite. A video resume doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be awesome.

Edit and Review

If you’ve recorded a perfect take, then there is no need for editing. However, if you have an “um” or other awkward moments, you can edit out those minor flubs. Since you have multiple takes, if you want to get really fancy you can splice them together to create a “best of” version.

Get Feedback from Friends and Colleagues

You have people in your life that will help you! Be sure you seek out the ones that will provide critical and constructive feedback.

This should help you identify any tone, technical problems, or quality issues with your delivery that you might not think of as a distraction for a recruiter. Sometimes a third-person review can be a lifesaver. Generally, your video is much better than you think it is and having  someone else confirm can give you the confidence you need

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