The term “doddle” is a British term and it means “a very easy task”. Doddlenow was born out of a desire to make matching nurses and hospital jobs not only easy but easy now! Our chief end is to bring satisfaction and a great experience to hospitals and nurses by making sure they quickly find each other. We have a hard time believing a sales recruiter is objective when playing the “matchmaker”.  We have a significant pool of highly qualified and experienced nurses using Doddlenow and that number is growing everyday. Hospitals across the nation have also been wanting to join in on the fun and access our nurses. They are pleasantly learning this is the most cost effective way to hire in the market today.

The Doddlenow team is comprised of experienced staffing professionals, passionately customer focused individuals, marketing and sales veterans and gifted software engineers & UX engineers. We are a proven team having developed other technology platforms in other industries which serve over 70% of the nursing schools in the nation as well as high tech companies such as Oracle, Cisco, Tesla and Qualcomm.

We are growing fast and we need more like-minded captains! We are always looking for the best talent in the industry who will partner with us and help us in becoming the defacto hiring platform for permanent nurses.  Join us, we want to be the last company you work at before you retire!