You Are More Than Your Resume

Find your perfect job based on what’s important to you.

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Matching nurses and hospitals is a doddle now!

Nurses – It’s Easy to Find Your Perfect Job

You are now in charge of seeing if employers are a good fit. You are empowered to hand pick a match that meets all of your needs. The days of having to use a sales recruiter are over! It’s a new day!

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Hospitals – Find quality nurses, fast.

Enjoy getting the top candidates at a fraction of the cost. Doddlenow has a large pool of nurses who are ready to fill your permanent nurse vacancies today!

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Together we create a win-win for hospitals and nurses.

Doddlenow software matches the right hospital with the right nurse, and we do so by including in our algorithms the criteria which matters most to you both.

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The Doddle Now Difference

The Doddle Difference

Whether you are new to nursing, or are just looking for a change, the old method of competing for hospital jobs doesn’t work. At Doddle now we’ve turned that system on it’s head, allowing hospitals to bid for the nurses that will suit their position best.

Our profiles feature scientific assessments that account for more than just your professional experience. We also match you for personality and work environment to find your ideal permanent position.